Photo by Sarah Best

Photo by Sarah Best

Hi lovely friends! My name is Jessica, a natural light wedding photographer based out of Georgia and Texas! When people ask about my journey, the answer is simple, photography found me. In the midst of pursuing my musical career in college, (my first creative passion), I was desperate for a new creative outlet. What started as a side hobby in college turned into a professional pursuit, and now it gets to be a daily gift. If you ask why I do what I do, it all comes down to my love for two things: stories and light. Whether a story is in the pages of a book or the melody of a song or in a couple’s wedding, I’m addicted to stories. I strive to be intentional in everything I photograph, as your story deserves nothing less. My goal is always to find the beauty in the big moments, the little moments, and everything in between.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me seeking a number of little joys in life including…

  • Red wine on a Sunday evening
  • Always having a song in my heart
  • Paying in exact change
  • Convincing myself NOT to buy that dress from Anthropologie
  • Playing piano
  • Pretending I’m an awesome dancer (when really it's just silly)
  • Obnoxiously quoting my favorite tv shows
  • Reading Harry Potter (again)
  • Snuggling with my husband and corgi


  • CHAMPAGNE - I never think there is a wrong occasion for champagne, nor will I ever turn down a mimosa. 
  • FILM CAMERAS - Film is my primary medium; the color and quality cannot be beat.
  • CHESTER -  He is my corgi child with a bigger personality than most humans.
  • ANTHROPOLOGIE - Whether it’s their candles, décor or to-die-for clothing, I’m slightly obsessed with this store.
  • BOOKS - There are always about 7 books on my nightstand at anytime. Also, I can and will beat anyone in Harry Potter trivia. 
  • MUSIC -  Music is the language of my heart, and I actually studied and graduated with a degree in music!
  • FLOWERS -  Flowers are the way to my heart, and my favorite detail in weddings!
  • HUSBAND - My husband is absolutely my favorite person. He is legitimately the funniest and best person that I know.