Audrey & Tucker - Dallas Engagements

This couple is so awesome.

Audrey and I were both Siggies at ACU together, and when she asked me to be her wedding photographer, on an excitement scale of 1-10 I was pretty much at 100. Audrey is absolutely one of THE most joyful people you will ever be around. She is the definition of a woman of God, and not to mention that she is SO GORGEOUS! (Her bridals will be amazing.) And then you add Tucker. They are such an amazing couple. Their love literally pours out of these pictures, and I absolutely cannot wait to shoot their wedding next July. Enjoy some of my favorites!

Audrey and Tucker, thank you guys so much for including me in your story, and I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this amazing time in your life! Let's hangout more. Yes.

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