Jill & Evan | Married!

To begin of all, Jill and Evan's love for each other is absolutely contagious. I can't get over it. Two, even though the day was freezing and rainy, it didn't affect the day one bit. Everything was so special, so meaningful, and Jill was still the happiest bride ever! She joked about the weather at one point, and was still bright as can be. She and Evan even braved the weather for a few minutes of pictures outside! They were amazing! And third, their families were such a blessing to work with. Her parents and his parents were so welcoming and sweet, and it made the day that much better. So richly blessed from this day. They were married at an amazing venue tucked in the middle of Dallas, Frankford Chapel, and had their reception at Crosspoint Church of Christ.

Evan and Jill, thank you so much for having me document your special day. You two were truly amazing to work with and witness, and I feel so honored to have been there with you. I hope you had the most amazing honeymoon ever, and I hope you are loving this time as newlyweds! Many blessings to you!

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