Amanda & Jesus | Dallas Engagements

What a sweet, sweet couple this is. Amanda told me prior to the session she and Jesus, despite how long they had been dating, weren't very good at taking pictures. And I said, um, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Look at how precious you two are! These pictures say it all. (My job rocks. Couples get to love on each other, be snuggly and cute, and I get to capture it.)

Amanda and Jesus have been together for 7 years, and they are BEYOND excited to be getting married this December. You two are awesome, I cannot wait for you wedding day! (Not as much as you two of course!)

All my love everyone,


AmandaJesus_0001 AmandaJesus_0002 AmandaJesus_0003 AmandaJesus_0004 AmandaJesus_0005 AmandaJesus_0006 AmandaJesus_0007 AmandaJesus_0008 AmandaJesus_0009