Jessica Gold Photography - Official Launch!

I absolutely CANNOT believe/CANNOT describe how excited I am for this to be REAL. Official.

I have been working so hard for a few months now to create a new brand. There may be a question lingering, "what in the world does that even mean?"

I am so thankful for where my business has taken me so far. For every single bride that has trusted me with their story, for every single engagement session, late-night editing, styled shoots with amazing vendors, full email inboxes, for every time I have felt rejection, disappointment, burnout, it all lead me to a new mission for my business. I wanted to create an experience for my business, a new vision that was centered on the style I strive to achieve, simplicity in the midst of details, and of course, how to make my brides as happy as possible. 

Through this, I've made so many changes that I am BEYOND excited about! They include the following...

  • New website. (Duh, you're looking at it!)
  • New name. (Again, duh.)
  • All digital downloads and online galleries to send my brides their images. 
  • A focused vision on what clients I can serve best.
  • More client care.
  • Focusing more on how I can serve brides selflessly, instead of selfishly.
  • New short term and long term goals to fuel me and motivate me.
  • Inspiration. (Narrowing down my photographer inspiration list has done so much to clear my mind and my vision!)
  • Simplicity. Clearing out all of that ugly clutter in my life so I can feel more free.
  • And even more.

And what has this lead to? A new, cohesive, focused brand. I wanted an experience that every time they see my website or my work, my business is fun, personal, feminine, and inspiring. I strive for my work to have a natural, soft, romantic look to it. I value images that feature true emotion and real moments. I love natural light and outdoor ceremonies; they fuel my heart. I love brides who want marriages more beautiful than their wedding. I strive to find clients that I can connect with personally, and becoming more than just some other wedding vendor. I love attention to detail, and never forgetting the little things. And of course, I value couples who are madly in love.

"Love is the only gold." - Alfred Tennyson

More than anything, I want to create an experience and a business that is real. For both brides and for other photographers. I want to be a resource for brides who struggle with the details in wedding planning. I want to be a resource for other photographers who may feel lost. Because amidst every incredible moment this journey has held, there have been even more upsets. Disappointments. And flat out heartbreak. But it's knowing how to move on beyond all of this. A bride is in the middle of planning her wedding, and suddenly an emergency comes up that she doesn't know how to handle. A wedding photographer experiences numerous rejections, and can't summon the strength to continue. (Hint hint, THIS HAS BEEN ME.) In result of this, I have been inspired to help and encourage others. If any of you (who are still reading this) ever have even one question or one something to say, COME TALK TO ME. Let's become a community. Because along with serving my incredible brides, I want to serve outside my clientele as well.

So, to wrap this all up, I invite you all to look around the new website, see all the new fun changes, and I hope you are all as excited as I am. This has been an amazing journey, and I am so excited to officially say...WELCOME TO JESSICA GOLD PHOTOGRAPHY!

Before I say goodbye, I have to send an amazing shoutout to the team that has made this dream a reality. Taylor of Magnolia Tree Paperie and Brittany of That's Pretty Ace. They have listened to me endlessly about my visions, my changing visions, my heart, my fears, and they have somehow created a brand that I couldn't be happier with. Without their endless work, patience and support, this would not be possible. Tay and Brit, I love you both so much, and I hope you understand how appreciated, loved, and cherished you are.

Now alright people, LET'S DO THIS! I can't stop yelling "Hip Hip Hooray!", I'm just too over the moon! Everyone stay tuned over the next few days, there may or may not be some new giveaways happening! Everyone have an AMAZING Monday, and make your dreams happen. Make life happen. "Make Things Happen." (As written by a favorite of mine, Lara Casey.)

You are all incredible. Thank you all so much for being a part of this, and I welcome you all to my new journey.


All my love,



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