10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Brides

It’s no secret - I absolutely love giving gifts! Whether it’s sending new brides a decked out welcome package or the latest toy for Chester (dog mom for life!), I truly express my love for others through gift giving.

It makes me so sad when people say how stressed they get around the holidays. But I have to admit, knowing you owe someone a gift but not knowing what to get them is aggravating! The holidays are a time that should be peaceful and lovely, but can bring about negative emotions. Unfortunately, weddings are the same way! Planning a wedding should be full of joy, not unnecessary stress!

I can’t promise to take away your holiday stress, but I do have 10 awesome gifts for brides to share with you! If you know someone who is engaged (or getting engaged!), these are 10 of my favorite gifts! Whether you’re looking to really wow your friend or give her something small and simple, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Take into account what will be most meaningful or helpful to your friend! Some of these gifts are functional, while others are sentimental.

Happy Holidays - let’s go spoil our engaged friends!

  1. Agate Cake Servers from BHLDN

Agate Cake Servers

Even though every wedding is different and keeping up with current wedding fads is tough, it’s safe to say all weddings will have a cake or dessert of some kind! With gold being so trendy right now, these cake servers would be a perfect gift! Not to mention I love the marble accents.

2. Custom Floral Heart Print from Rifle Paper Co.

Custom Floral Heart Rifle Paper Co

If you like giving personalized gifts, this is for you! Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorite brands. I love this print that you can customize for an engaged couple. And bonus - it will make a lovely addition to their home!

3. Whitney Winkler Passport Case from Anthropologie

Whitney Winkler Anthropologie Passport Case

Chances are if you know someone getting married, that person will most likely be traveling soon! Even if they aren’t going on their honeymoon right away, your friend will still be so excited about traveling with a fun passport case!

4. Say Yes “Mrs” Necklace from Kate Spade

Say Yes Mrs Necklace Kate Spade

I imagine this as the perfect gift for the chic, glamorous, polka-dot-wearing bride. If you know a bride who loves accessories and is over the moon to become a “Mrs.” - this is the gift for you to give!

4. Mrs. Box

Mrs Box Velvet Ring Box

Every bride deserves a beautiful box to keep her ring! I personally don’t wear my ring when I sleep, shower, or workout, so I need a safe place to store my wedding ring. These boxes also make for some amazing detail shots on wedding days! I love how many colors there are to choose from, and you can even get them monogrammed!

5. Gold Foil Pocket Notebooks fro Rifle Paper Co

Gold Foil Pocket Notebook Rifle Paper Co

If you know a bride who still has months of planning ahead, chances are she has a very long to do list. I love having these notebooks handy to keep my mental clutter in order.

6. Alice Champagne Flute from Anthropologie

Alice Champagne Flute Anthropologie

Easily, 95% of the weddings I’ve photographed have a series of toasts that happen either during the rehearsal dinner or the reception. I love the gold detail on these flutes from Anthropologie!

7. Ring Dish from Marbella Ring Dish

Marbella Ring Dish

Similar to the Mrs. Box above, your engaged friend may need somewhere to keep her engagement ring in her home! I love having a ring dish by my kitchen sink so that I can take off my rings whenever I’m washing dishes. And of course, they make for some amazing pictures!

8. Writing Pencils from Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. Writing Pencils

Between the thank you cards and the to-do lists, I promise, these writing utensils will go to use!

9. Kate Spade Bridal Planner

Kate Spade Bridal Planner

If you have a friend who is recently engaged (or you know will be getting engaged over the holidays), this is the perfect gift to say “congratulations!”

10. Teak & Twine Gift Box

Teak and Twine

If you’re still unsure about what to gift your engaged friend, think about building her a custom gift box! Teak & Twine is an amazing company where you have the option to purchase a ready-made gift, or you can build your own box! Select from a variety of candles, bath salts, snacks, glassware, and accessories to create your own gift! They even pack and ship it for you! (This is also the company that makes my beautiful gift boxes for my brides).

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